Letterhead Size and Specification

There are generally two sizes of letterhead in the UK (US sizes are slightly different). The first is the most common, A4 (297 x 210mm). Most businesses use this format. The second is A5 (148.5 x 210mm) or half the size of A4. This is used more commonly for personal stationery – we can produce both sizes, or any other bespoke size you specify.

Letterhead Printing
All our letterheads can be produced in everything from single colour black to single spot colours all the way up to full colour (CMYK) with spot UV, embossed sections and foil blocking where you need it.

We can produce your letterheads on any paper stock, you normally have to match your previous versions but if you’re looking to start from scratch, we would recommend our 100 gsm white offset for a stand letterhead; or if you would like a higher quality paper, maybe 120gsm white uncoated.

We can use all conqueror paper stocks if you would like, and finally, we can print on both sides so you can use the space to the fullest effect.

If you do not know what paper your letterhead is printed on, no problem. Send us a copy and we can match the paper stock.

Letterhead Design Service

What does your letterhead say about your business? Does it follow brand standards incorporating your logo? Address, company, information and maybe a subtle list of your services or a sales tag line?

If not, you should be taking all the opportunities to re-enforce your companies strengths and brand. Did you know that its a legal requirement to have your company registration number and VAT number on your invoices? As most of us use our letterheads to send out invoices, don’t get caught out.

How can we help? From artwork amends to your existing letterheads through to completely redesigning them, we can help. All we need is a direction and an idea to start the ball rolling.

So, if you would like a price for your letterheads to be amended or redesigned then drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Letterhead Guidelines

In order to get the best out of your Letterheads we would recommend taking the following artwork guidelines into account in order that you get the best finish to your print items possible.

1. Always setup your artwork in the finished page size i.e. one page per view you’re not helping the printer if you layout multiple pages on a sheet.

2. Start your document if you can in a CMYK colour mode and not RGB. This will help you get the right colour reproduction on the finished product.

3. If you would like colour going right up to the edge of your finished items make sure you setup your artwork with at least a 3mm bleed (spare colour over the edge) so that we can trim down to the right size.

4. If you can please supply high resolution PDF or JPEG files. These will give you the best print reproduction. You can download a free pdf writer online if you search for one.

5. Understand the timelines of the job in advance – Most print work can be printed and delivered in 5 working days however the larger the volume the larger the finishing and delivering logistics.

6. Make sure you set your documents up as 300dpi (dots per inch) note: do not be confused with ppi (pixels per inch) this is a screen resolution and the results will not be the same.

7. Try to embed your fonts into your artwork to avoid any delays or complications in the print workflow.

8. When designing your print artwork make sure your text is at least a 3-4mm from the edge.

9. When importing images into your artwork, try not to steal images from the internet unless 1. you have the right copyright 2. they are the right resolution.

10.Before sending your files check the size of them if they are over 6mb then some email providers might have a problem sending them.

If you do require any help with Letterhead artwork setup please feel free to drop us a line.